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View Saved Passwords Chrome Android

View Saved Passwords Chrome Android

View Saved Passwords Chrome Android

View Saved Passwords Chrome Android, The article that we share this time, aims to let those of you who use the Google Chrome browser application know that every saved password can be viewed again.

Previously I would like to inform you that, this is an official feature of Google Chrome. So you don't have to be afraid to save every password you enter. Because the purpose of chrome is to make it easier for users.

Most of us as chrome users on android or on computer smart phones, always agree every time Google asks us to save the password we enter. The goal is, when we log back in, it won't be a hassle to enter the password again.

But because of this, many people forget their passwords, because they never fill in the password every time they log in to a certain account where the password is already stored.

However, you don't need to worry, because, for those who want to see the password again, it's very easy. With the condition that you have agreed to chrome save your password. For how, please read our article below.

  • The first step is to run the Google Chrome application on an Android smartphone.
  • Then select the three-dot menu "..." in the upper right corner.
  • Then you select the Settings menu.
  • Google Chrome Android > Settings
  • In the Settings section select Passwords.
  • Settings > Passwords

Then in the Passwords section, you can see a list of email account history or usernames, which have been saved by the Google Chrome browser.

Well, for those of you who forgot the password, when logging in via the website. For examples like Gmail or any site. You can search and find one of the lists of usernames or emails, on the associated account.

In addition, you can also enable or disable the save password feature in Chrome. By selecting Save Passwords. After you select the account list, you can see the passwords that are hidden automatically, by selecting the eye icon.

To delete a saved password, select the delete sign icon at the top corner of the smartphone screen.

"Tips for users, for security factors, make sure to activate the saved password feature, for relatives who use private wifi networks. So when in public places, and using public wifi. Make sure you don't log in to your account and save your password".

View Saved Passwords Chrome Android, That's the article about how to view saved and typed passwords in the Google Chrome Browser on Android smartphones. Hopefully, it can help those of you who are confused because you forgot your password but can still log in.

View Saved Passwords Chrome Android

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