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Telegram for Windows 32-bit/64-bit Download Latest Version 4.15.0

Telegram for Windows 32-bit/64-bit Download Latest Version

Telegram for Windows 32-bit/64-bit Download Latest Version 4.15.0. Messaging or chat applications can be said to have become an important part of modern life today. We currently use messaging applications to communicate with family, coworkers, and old friends, whether it's in a personal form or a group. I, you, or anyone else who is having some conversations are strictly confidential so that no other party may know.

But it must be realized that every company that develops any application, definitely wants the application that is released to sell well in the virtual world market. And we users want the best from them. But that doesn't mean they don't have shortcomings, because the emergence of shortcomings and advantages depends on us, what use it is for, so choose a messaging application that suits the activities that are running

Because of the problems above, it's no wonder that currently, the majority of people who use chat applications prioritize user data security. There are even developers of messaging applications who state that security and security are of utmost importance, for example, telegram, which we will discuss today.

What is Telegram? The meaning or definition of Telegram is a free application as a cloud-based messenger or messenger where all data is stored directly on the server quickly and securely.

About the name Telegram, a name that is almost similar to Instagram. Why do the two applications have the same pronunciation? Because the name Instagram also takes the word telegram as one of its constituent words. Actually the name Instagram is a combination of two words, namely instant and telegram. Meanwhile, the Telegram Messenger application takes the original name from Telegram itself.

As for the advantages that telegram has or the features in it, you can check the points that we share below.

Features Telegram Version 4.15.0 for Windows:

  1. FAST
  5. 100% FREE & OPEN
  8. FUN

You can use this Telegram on various devices, what's more, it is open source. What devices does it support:

Telegram App Platform:

  • Android
  • iPhone & iPad
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
Telegram for Windows Download Version 4.15.0, There are many features contained in the Telegram messaging app that we really need and are also a favorite of its users. As we have mentioned above, while the others are interesting features that are not necessarily found in other similar applications, try to see a few points below.

  1. Telegram Supports Large Files
    Telegram has the ability to send files larger than other chat applications up to 2 GB. All types of files, from your video and photos, will be shipped in the original size and will be instantly available on all your devices, even can share it with other users.

  2. Telegram Is Safe
    Chat application relies heavily on security and privacy, as their main feature. Telegram thrusts end-to-end encryption and users can set the timer to 'self-destruct' alias delete messages automatically within a specific time. This excess is very important because basically, a person needs security in interaction.

  3. In addition
    Telegram also provides a channel of secret messages that also can not be arbitrary in-forward, so no longer a need to fear that chat that is fully confidential will be scattered. Even Telegram's knowing if someone did a screenshot of the message is important.

  4. Stickers, Animations, and GIF Free
    Yes, the same as any other chat application, Telegram also contains a lot of stickers, Animations, and GIFs is abundant. Even a user can also edit or add animated stickers to your message.

  5. Channel and Group Interesting
    Telegram serves a Channel group that can be tailored to the interests of users. Just type in the search field, and the user can know the channel and group chat room that could be followed.

  6. Multi-Account and Platform
    One thing that distinguishes Telegram from the chat app most of the time, is it can be used cross-platform. So one account on Telegram that is connected can be used on the desktop version, the web, or any app on your smartphone. Even the user allows creating more than one account on Telegram.

Telegram for Windows 32-bit/64-bit Download Latest Version 4.15.0

Developer Telegram FZ LLC, Telegram Messenger Inc
Type Messaging App
License Freeware

Telegram 4.15.0 for Windows 64-Bit

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Telegram is the most powerful app that provides encrypted feature.