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Telegram Desktop Download for PC Windows 11/10/8/7 [32bit/64bit]

Telegram Desktop Download for PC Windows 11/10/8/7 [32bit/64bit]

Telegram Desktop Download for PC Windows 11/10/8/7 [32bit/64bit]

Telegram Desktop Download for PC Windows 11/10/8/7 [32bit/64bit]. Now, this communication technology has grown very rapidly. Where is everyone now easier in comparison with the first? For example, where we would chat or send a message to other people. If first, it can be said we can only send the message in the form of text alone, then now You can unrequited love messages with pictures also.

Even sending a voice message or video has also become easier since the development of technology. Today there is a lot of software that allows You to chat with other people without limitation of time and distance. You can also message each other with people who are outside the country with low fares.

One of the features of the telegram the most sought-after is the presence of cloud features in it. Where this feature allows You to save various kinds of data on one device. So that the personal data You more organized storage and will not be lost.

Telegram does offer a wide variety of advantages and features that don't exist in software other than chat. Even this software You can enjoy for free. This application can also be used on Android devices, click Telegram for Android for those who want to use Telegram on Android. Download Telegram for PC latest Windows via the link below:

Telegram Desktop Download for PC Windows 11/10/8/7 [32bit/64bit]

Developer Telegram FZ LLC, Telegram Messenger Inc
Type Messaging App
System Requirements Windows
License Freeware
Version 4.15.2

Telegram 64-Bit | Telegram 32-Bit

Features of Telegram Desktop For Windows 

Telegram Desktop Download for PC Windows 11/10/8/7 [32bit/64bit], One of the software that is most suitable to use to chat with a good friend who lives in the country and lives abroad is a telegram. Because Telegram is a software to chat which has a wide range of interesting features for its users. As for some of the features of telegram messenger which can, You try are:
  1. Send a message in a variety of shapes files, media
    The main function of the telegram messenger is to send a message or which we generally call the word chat. But the difference is, that we can send messages in various forms of media. For example:
    • Start of the text message
    • Voice messages
    • Picture messages
    • Video
    • Documents in the form of word or pdf via telegram to be sent by some amount at once.

  2. The Message That We Can Set
    What is meant by the features of timed messages from the telegram is. We can arrange the delivery time of the messages that have been previously created. So, You do not need to send a message right away, but can in the forward of your time. This is usually because there is a promise or can not send a message in a time in need, because there are certain activities in the future.

  3. Create a group and message the business
    Telegram is also very suitable for your work. Because the software this one allows You to create a group in it, with a capacity of up to 200,000 members in group 1 (very good). In the telegram, You can also make a book of business with certain people and maintain the security of privacy (no third parties).

  4. Can be used for all gadgets
    Telegram is not only can be used on PC, but You can also use it on smartphones, for example, Android. Even the data chat for PC windows before You can move on to a smartphone without the fear of having to lose data.

How to Use the telegram messenger on Windows desktop

Here is an easy way to install the Telegram app on a PC or computer. This way also can be applied to your laptop or notebook. How to install the Telegram app will also be discussed here. here's how to log in or open an account telegram on a PC. How to install and use the telegram app on your computer.

Those of you reading this article already have installed telegram and use them on your device. Please skip this section, and for those of you that want to use it, please follow the steps that we provide. Although not as detailed as possible, we think it could direct you to more easily install and use it.

  1. First, you have to do is download the installation files of this application. You can download it directly from the link that we have provided above. Or directly visit the official website, just type in

  2. After it appears on the web page of the telegram. Then click the button to show all platforms. Download messaging app telegram in accordance with the operating system you use, for example here desktop windows.

  3. Next double-click on the file installation that has been downloaded earlier. Wait a moment until the installation is finished.

  4. Furthermore, after the installation is finished, please open the app, go to Select your country, and enter your mobile number to get a verification code, remember that you must be active and be near you.

  5. Enter the verification code in the code column that is already prepared. next, click the Next button.

  6. After verifying, we can now use the telegram app on your Windows desktop for free. And proceed to chat with fellow users of Telegram messenger.

Telegram Web Desktop

Here are the methods of use in opening the app or an account on telegram on a PC or computer through the browser. On the method that I share this time, we do not need to perform the software download or installation files as I've explained above. The following steps or his tutorial.

  1. Open a Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Or other)

  2. Open the website of the telegram that is specific to the user, or click the following link:

  3. Login using the mobile number (mobile Phone) that has been registered before.

  4. Next, make sure the selected location is the country where you live now).

  5. Verification, this code will be sent to the mobile number that you entered, so be sure no hp is right and still active.

The Website will send a verification code to your smartphone with your account Telegram the same, typing the code of the form fields that have been provided. Note the Time to enter the verification code very briefly which is only 2 minutes. Make sure your mobile phone is within reach while doing the login.

For ordinary work by using a web browser, you should use the telegram messenger in the version of the application. Because for telegram web usually when her web browser is impaired, then the messenger app will become problematic. Moreover, you do not accidentally remove the tab web browser which is open to the telegram.

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