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Telegram X 2022 Download For PC Windows & How To Install It

Telegram X 2022 Download For PC Windows & How To Install It

Telegram X 2022 Download For PC Windows & How To Install It

Telegram X 2022 Download For PC Windows & How To Install It. Actually, this application was born because of third-party content from Telegram itself. Because this application is open source, so many programmers have messed with the source code from Telegram. And from that Telegram X was chosen as the third party application of telegram.

Not only that, this third-party telegram application has been praised by the official telegram. In fact, you can see for yourself on the official Telegram web blog it is called Telegram X.

But really, it's a shame, for users who have fallen in love with Telegram X messenger, you can only enjoy it on an Android smartphone device. while the desktop version is not available until now. But don't be disappointed, if you really want to use this messenger app on a desktop device. Please follow the instructions that I write below. So, even if you don't have an Android cellphone, you can still use this messenger application.

Before that, first, download the Telegram X APK which we have provided in the download link below.

Telegram X 2022 Download For PC Windows & How To Install It

Developer Telegram FZ LLC
Type Messaging App
System Requirements Android
License Freeware
File Size 20,3Mb

The easiest way to install and use the Telegram X application on the desktop is to use an emulator. The emulator is software (software) to run applications that are different from the running system. Before proceeding to the discussion (how to use Telegram X on the desktop). First, I will provide how to install an emulator on a Windows Desktop device.

Best Choice Android Emulator

  1. Droid4x
  2. Andy
  3. NoxPlayer
  4. LDPlayer
  5. KoPlayer
  6. Bluestacks
  7. Genymotion
  8. Gameloop
  9. MEmu
  10. Phoenix OS
Here I choose to use the sixth point, namely, the BlueStacks emulator as an example in this case. You can use this BlueStacks application for free. it is the most popular emulator and is most compatible with many types of graphics cards (graphic cards).

You could say Bluestack is the smallest and most popular Android emulator. Obviously, because this emulator has been around for a long time and gets frequent updates to improve performance.

The latest, there is also Bluestacks which you can download for free from the official website, which is available in several options such as an online installer and offline installer.

Apart from that, Bluestacks is a lightweight Android emulator for Mac which is very useful for those of you who use MacBook laptops. For how to install BlueStacks and use Telegram X on desktop devices, you can see the instructions below.

Telegram X in PC WINDOWS, How to install it

  1. Download the emulator - offline installer on the BlueStacks download page Click Here.
  2. After the BlueStacks emulator has been downloaded continue to install it on the PC, follow the installation instructions as you normally install Windows programs.
  3. After the installation process is complete you are asked to confirm "Improve location accuracy?", Select Agree or Disagree, just select Disagree. After that, you will see the next page display.

    Until step number 3 BlueStacks has been successfully installed, if you want to use the Play Store as a way to install the Telegram X application, then you have to log in first using a Gmail account that is still active, of course. Follow the next steps to install the application that we want.

  4. Click the Search button, search for any application to open the Play Store. Because here we want to install telegram x, then type the application in the search field.
  5. Click the Search Telegram X button.
  6. The One Time Setup screen will open, which will ask you to complete two steps, namely activating the AppStore and App Sync.
  7. Click the Continue button to start
  8. Activate the AppStore.
  9. Add your Google account, click the Existing button.
  10. Enter your Email and Password, click the Next button (the big triangle pointing to the right).
  11. Click the OK button to agree to the Google Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Google Play Terms of Service.
  12. When the Google Services window appears, you will be given two choices namely BACKUP & RECOVERY and COMMUNICATION. You are free to choose.
  13. Click the Advanced button
  14. Next, the One Time Setup screen will appear again, this time to activate App Sync,
  15. Click the Continue button.
  16. The Google login screen appears, click Next.

How to install APK files on Android Emulator

Above is how to install an application on an android device to a desktop device, and how to install it using the Play store. With the emulator, we can easily install applications from android directly from the play store.

But for those of you who have downloaded the APK file that we shared above, there are two ways to install it. For details, see the instructions below.

  1. The first way
    • Open the folder where the APK file that we downloaded earlier is stored.
    • Right-click, select open with the emulator installed on the Desktop. because earlier the Bluestacks emulator was installed, then select open with the software.
    • The Bluestacks emulator will open, wait for the installation to complete.

  2. The second way
    • Open the Bluestacks application
    • Select Open Explore, find the telegram x APK file or select and drag the APK file directly into the Bluestacks application.
    • Wait for the installation to complete.
    • Finish the installation and you can now enjoy Telegram X messenger on the desktop.

At this point, I think you can do this installer easily. More or less from the articles we provide, we apologize. Good luck with what you do, Thank you.

Download Telegram X For PC

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