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How to Use Anonymous Chat Telegram

How to Use Anonymous Chat Telegram

How to Use Anonymous Chat Telegram

How to Use Anonymous Chat Telegram application, whether it's on a Smartphone or computer device. Everything can be done easily. More will be explained in the article that we share this time.

Before that, for those of you who have not used the latest version of Telegram for Android or for Windows computer devices. Please download by clicking the link below.

Telegram App for Android

Telegram App for Windows

Telegram App for MacOS


What is Anonymous Chat? Anonymous Chat is one of the bots in the Telegram application, whose function is used for random chats with other people, without us knowing the identity of the person (foreigner).

So as users, our identity and the people we chat with on the Anonymous ChatBot will be kept secret or hidden.

Anonymous Chatbot, you can also use to send text, links, gifs, stickers, photos, videos or voice messages.

Anonymous Chatbot is also one of the bots on Telegram, which is crowded and popularly used by users in the world.

How to Use Anonymous Chat Telegram

Just take a look at how to play the Anonymous Chat Bot on Telegram below:

How to Play Bot Anonymous Chat Telegram:

  • Run the Telegram Application on HP / PC.
  • Next, visit the Telegram Anonymous Chat Bot link in the world.
  • Then if you have entered, type the command /start to start playing the Anonymous Chat Telegram bot.
  • Later a chat will appear from the Telegram bot, that you are looking for a partner or person you want to chat with.
  • Now for those of you who want to find a new partner, all you have to do is enter the /next command, until there is a chat description from the Partner bot found.
  • You can start chatting now.
  • If you want to skip partners on the Anonymous ChatBot, you just need to enter the /stop command.
  • Then all you have to do is find a new partner.
  • In addition, for those of you who want to be mutual with partners, you can send or share a Telegram account Username ID link, by entering the /share link command.
  • And to set your gender, you can choose male or female, just enter the /settings command.
  • For more information, you can enter the /help command.

How to Quit Anonymous Chat Telegram

  • Open the Telegram application on an Android phone.
  • Then you enter the Anonymous ChatBot.
  • Then select the three-dot menu 3 in the upper right corner.
  • Next, you select Delete chat.
  • After that, in the confirmation window, select Delete Chat again.

Tips for Playing Bot Anonymous Chat Telegram

  • Try not to give out your name.
  • Ask someone else male or female.
  • And also how old.
  • Then you can improvise yourself while chatting.

How to Use Anonymous Chat Telegram, You can practice this in the Telegram application that you install on your Smartphone or computer device. Thank you, I hope you do well.

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