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How to Create a Telegram ID Username

How to Create a Telegram ID Username

How to Create a Telegram ID Username

How to Create a Telegram ID Username can actually be done quickly and easily. However, for some users of messaging applications who have just moved to Telegram on Android smartphones. There are still those who don't know how to find the Telegram id username on their account.

For that, in the article that we share this time, we try our best to make an article about how to create and change Telegram usernames on Android smartphones. Check out the following method:

How to Create a Telegram ID Username

  • Open your Android smartphone
  • Run the Telegram App.
  • Next to the chat list page, click on the panel menu which is located in the upper left corner.
  • Looking for Username ON Telegram
  • Next on the menu panel, you select the Settings menu or Settings.
  • Then you select the username column.
  • If your username has not been created or added. Then the description None will appear.
  • After that, you just create or add your username or telegram id, in the column provided.
  • If it's just select the check button, in the upper right corner.
  • Creating and Changing Telegram ID Username

After that, you can see that the Telegram id username link has been successfully created, and is displayed in the profile menu of your Telegram account. For example, here I create username = @telegramnews

Tips make sure to create a unique, cool, and easy to read and remember Telegram ID username.

If you don't like the current username, you are free to change the username id on your Telegram account without any restrictions.

As a rule, you can create a username, using a combination of numbers and letters. And the minimum length of characters that can be entered is 5 characters.

How to see our own Telegram id username, via chatbot:

  • Open the Telegram App.
  • Next, on the chat list page, select the search icon in the upper right corner.
  • Then type in the search field for the keyword "userinfobot".
  • If you have found it, just select it.
  • Next, just select the Start button.

The Telegram chatbot will automatically display the Telegram Username ID information that you are using.

How to Invite Friends Using Telegram ID Username:

  • Invite Friends using Telegram ID Username
  • Open Telegram again.
  • Next, go to Settings.
  • On the account profile page select Username.
  • Now, you can see that under this link opens a chat with you, there is a Telegram ID username link.
  • For example, I use the link

You can use the username id link to invite your friends and chat directly on the Telegram application. Without the need for your friends to save your number or know your cellphone contact number. You can copy and paste, share with your friends.

Note: You also need to know your Username = your Telegram ID. So for those of you who are still asking which telegram ID, you can see it in the way that has been explained in this article. How to Create a Telegram ID Username

How to Create a Telegram ID Username

For those of you who have not installed the Telegram Messenger application on your Android device. Please click the link below, I assure you that the download link we provide is very easy and safe to use.


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