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How to Delete Media on Telegram Messenger

How to Delete Media on Telegram Messenger

How to Delete Media on Telegram Messenger

How to Delete Media on Telegram Messenger, delete media or a file such as photos and videos on Telegram, we can do it very easily. Our purpose in doing this is because we have our own reasons, from the full storage space or indeed the file we don't need anymore.

Whether it's photos and videos, both files of this type really take up a lot of storage memory space on the device that we use. Everything happens when we do chat activities in this Telegram messenger application. For that, if you don't need it anymore, you can delete photos and videos in the Telegram application, using the following methods:

How to Delete Media on Telegram Messenger

  • Open and run the Telegram Messenger application on your smartphone device.
  • Next, the chat list page will appear.
  • Select the menu located in the upper left corner.
  • Then please select or click on the Settings menu.
  • Please click or tap on Data and Storage > then select Storage Usage. In the Storage Usage section, here you can see the use of some media in-memory storage space in the Telegram Application.

In addition, the User can also set how long you can store the media in the internal memory, within a certain period of time. This means we can set the time according to our wishes, and Telegram automatically deletes the media.

Here I give an example to set the storage time for three days. As long as these settings have been set, then everything stored by the Telegram application on our devices will disappear by itself, with a time of three days.

This is also one of the advantages of using Telegram messenger, we don't need to bother thinking about every media in our chat stored in the internal memory. Because usually if the internals of a smartphone device is full, the performance of the device will slow down.

Then what if the deleted media was needed again for certain reasons. All Telegram users, don't worry, because Telegram has cloud storage.

Because it is stored on a cloud server, you can easily access it again, and it can be downloaded to be stored on the device again.

How to Delete Media on Telegram Messenger, that's the way that we can share for new Telegram users, our goal is to provide this article so that Telegram users don't hesitate to delete the Cache on their smartphone. Thank you for reading our article, hopefully, this article can answer the questions that are present in your mind.

For those of you who have not installed the Telegram Messenger application on your Android device. Please click the link below, I assure you that the download link we provide is very easy and safe to use.


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