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How to Find MAC Address on Android Phone

How to Find MAC Address on Android Phone

How to Find MAC Address on Android Phone

How to Find MAC Address on Android Phone, this is an article that we share for Android smartphone users. For some people may ask? for what to know the MAC Address. The answer lies with the user of each device. The point is, if you really want to know, you can follow the steps that we share here.

MAC stands for "Media Access Control" address is a unique address that is used as an identity, such as an identification number that identifies us as citizens.

For networks on computers, laptops, and smartphone devices, this mac is the identification number. This MAC address is very often used to control network access, and also to monitor connected networks.

One example, namely to secure the Wifi network that you have. So only users or users with the MAC address that you have registered are allowed to access the wifi network. while others will not be able to access your wifi network, because the MAC is not listed on the wifi device.

Well, for those of you who use Vivo smartphones, or other Android brands, you definitely want to know how to find out the MAC address. For that, consider the following method:

Find MAC Address Via Settings

The first way, to see the Mac Address on an Android smartphone, you can open the Settings menu. Just as an addition, every brand of android smartphone display settings will be different, so here I do not include pictures.

  • Settings > About phone
  • Then you select Status.
  • About phone > Status
  • In the Status section, you can see the Wifi MAC address information,
  • Status > Wi-fi Mac address

Find MAC Address Via Wifi Settings

  • The second way, you can find the MAC address in the settings or Wifi settings.
  • Just go to Settings, like the first step in the first method above.
  • Select Connections, then select the name of the Wifi network that is currently connected.
  • Next, select the three-dot menu "..." in the upper right corner, then select Advanced.
  • Settings > Connections > Wifi > Advanced menu
  • After that in the Advanced section, you will find or see the MAC address.

Find MAC Address Via Secret Code

  • The third way is you can check the MAC address is via a secret code.
  • Just press *#*#232338#*#*, on the Call or Phone menu.
  • Instantly the MAC address will appear if your smartphone device supports it.

You also need to know, this third method sometimes on some Androids with certain brands this method will not work. Or let me give an example of the same android smartphone brand, but in a different country, so this could be a different code and how it works.

Find MAC Address Via Application

The fourth way you can find out the MAC address is by using an application called What's my MAC address?. Just download the application on the Google Play Store, or download the apk file for offline installation on a trusted and safe web.

Furthermore, when the installation is complete, immediately run the application and follow the instructions given.

Find MAC Address Via Netcut

The fifth way you can download the Netcut software on your Windows PC / Laptop. Later, on the connected wifi network, you can see your smartphone device, along with the MAC address that is displayed.

This fifth way, of course, we must first connect to the same wifi device like the laptop or pc that we use Netcut. So that later Netcut detects the connected device.

How to Find MAC Address on Android Phone thus, we share this article, aiming to let you know the MAC number of the device we are using. If there is another more practical way, I hope you let us know through the comments column.

How to Find MAC Address on Android Phone

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