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How to Lock Telegram Messenger App

How to Lock Telegram Messenger App

How to Lock Telegram Messenger App

How to Lock Telegram Messenger App, overcoming a very personal application on a smartphone is a natural thing, and must be done. The goal is that every content of the application that we use cannot be opened arbitrarily by other people.

Like for example, we use a messaging application, of course we don't want other people to know every chat we do. So that many of the users of short messaging applications, lock the application.

This time we will discuss and give you how to change the Telegram messaging application. To maintain the privacy of each of our chats on Telegram, the developer has provided the Privacy and Security feature. With this feature it will be easier for us to eliminate our doubts about the person who opens the Telegram application.

Here we will use how to lock Telegram using a password or better known as "Password". You must remember, this is one of the most important steps for Telegram users to secure their accounts.

Well, to use the Privacy and Security feature in the Telegram messenger application is very easy. You can follow some of the steps that we provide below to complete the password creation.

How to Lock the Telegram Messenger Application on an Android Smartphone:

  • Run the Telegram Messenger Application on your Android Smartphone.
  • The next step, please select the panel menu located in the upper left corner.
  • Then continue by selecting the Settings menu.
  • After the settings menu comes out, you will see Privacy and Security, select the menu and then select Passcode Lock.
  • After that, you just click or select Passcode Lock earlier, to create a new password that works to lock the Telegram application
  • Enter the 4 (four) digit PIN code.
  • If you have selected or click the Checklist button.
  • If later you want to change the password or pin that has been created, then you can select the Change Passcode menu.

In addition, if your Android Smartphone type supports the Fingerprint feature. We can also lock Telegram messenger using the fingerprint. For telegram messaging applications, this feature is very helpful for those of us who have the latest type of smartphone.

In addition, if your smartphone supports it, you can make settings in the Auto-lock feature owned by Telegram. Later it will automatically lock the Telegram application within the time you have specified in the settings.

How to Lock Telegram Messenger Application on Computer Devices:

  • Open the Telegram Messenger application on your computer.
  • The next step you have to do, select the panel menu located in the upper left corner.
  • Continue by clicking or selecting Settings.
  • In the Settings menu section, look for Privacy and Security, if you can click or select the feature.
  • After that, just turn on the local passcode feature.
  • Well, here we are asked to enter the passcode.
  • For this passcode, you are free to create a password with a combination of letters and numbers, which is not limited to only four (4) digits.
  • If you have finished and are sure of the password you created, please select the Save button, so that what we created earlier is saved.

How to Overcome Forgotten Passcode Key in the Telegram Application

For Telegram application users who forget the passcode that has been created. And can no longer enter this messaging application, then there is a solution that we can do to overcome this problem.

The trick, please clear the Application cache and clear the data, so that everything stored is lost. Then reopen the Telegram application.

If there are problems when clearing the cache, then the last way is to delete the telegram application. Then install it again to use this application.

The point is, if you want to lock an application on your device, try to always remember the password. For myself, I have a personal password that I usually use on important accounts.

If you use the Telegram application on your PC / Laptop. We can select the Logout menu, when entering the pass code, to unlock the Telegram application.

How to Lock Telegram Messenger App, this is a short article that we can share on this occasion. We hope that the articles that we share can answer all of your questions. And if there is another way to do all this, please write in the comments column, later we can add it to this article. Good luck, Thank you.

How to Lock Telegram Messenger App

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