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Telegram vs WhatsApp

Telegram vs WhatsApp

Telegram vs WhatsApp

Telegram vs WhatsApp, What are the advantages of the Telegram application compared to WA / WhatsApp? More will be explained in our article this time.

WhatsApp vs Telegram, the two Messenger Chat Applications are currently busy and virally discussed by the public. Considering some time ago, there was a policy update from WhatsApp, which greatly disturbed the privacy of many WA users.

For those of you WA users who want to intend to move using the Telegram application on a cellphone / PC, or still just want to know some of the advantages of Telegram. You can see the list of advantages of Telegram below:

Advantages of the Telegram Application Compared to WhatsApp (WA)

  1. Unlimited Cloud Based Storage Media.
    The first advantage that Telegram has compared to WhatsApp, is the unlimited storage feature, which allows all messages / chats, images, document files, and so on to be stored online via the cloud.

    So you can login/logout your Telegram account at any time on your PC/HP, without worrying about losing data. And you also don't need to bother with backups / restores, because all your data has been saved via the cloud.

  2. Username ID feature.
    Not only numbers, Telegram also uses a Username ID system that allows you to communicate with other people who use Telegram, without the need to save their contact number. In addition, you can also create your own Telegram ID username.

  3. Channels.
    The third advantage is the Channels feature which is used for broadcasting to many people. Usually used by youtubers, content creators, or certain brands, who can publish posts on notifications to users' cellphones.

  4. Group Member Capacity.
    Unlike WhatsApp groups, whose members or members are only limited or limited to 256 people. The Telegram group can accommodate members up to 100 thousand more members.

    So we no longer need to bother creating additional groups, such as group1 or group2. Because only one group can accommodate many members.

  5. Secret Chat Features.
    The fourth advantage of Telegram is the secret chat feature, where our chats will be encrypted with each other, so they will not be easily hacked or snooped on by third parties.

    In addition, this secret chat feature can also be set, so that it can automatically delete messages sent to fellow Telegram users.

  6. Chat Bot Features.
    The fifth advantage of Telegram compared to WA is the Telegram chat bot feature. This chat bot feature is part of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) program on a smaller scale.

    Some examples of its use by using the Telegram chat bot, we can download Youtube videos, Tiktok videos, Anonymous Chat, and many more for sure.

  7. Chat Folder Feature.
    Telegram also has a chat folder feature, which is used to group all types of chats, such as group chats, private chats, chat bots and so on. For those of you who want to separate private chat from group chat. You can directly create a new chat folder in Telegram.

  8. Ease of Multi-Platform Login.
    Actually almost the same as WhatsApp which is also available on many platforms. However, the difference is that in Telegram there is convenience if you log in to an account on a PC / Laptop.

    Unlike WhatsApp, where we have to use a barcode scan to log in to a WA account on a PC / Laptop. In Telegram, you just enter your cellphone number, or scan the barcode as well to log in to your Telegram account on your PC / Laptop. But the Telegram application on your cellphone does not have to be active, and connected to the internet like the one in WA.

Telegram vs WhatsApp

So the Telegram application on the PC on the Desktop version or the Web version, with the application on the HP, can be synchronized in real time with each other, while you are chatting.

Telegram vs WhatsApp, Those are some of the advantages of the Telegram application compared to WhatsApp. Of course there are many more that may not have been mentioned.

But at least this can be a reference for you, if you want to switch to Telegram. Hope it can help you.

For those who don't have Telegram Messenger on PC or Smart Phone devices. Please click on the link below and select the version that suits the device you are using.

Download Telegram App

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