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Android Application Advanced That You Should Try

Android Application Advanced That You Should Try

Android Application Advanced That You Should Try

Android Application Advanced That You Should Try, When Smartphones can become goods that support various activities every day. So we must have one or all types of the most advanced Android applications at this time that we recommend, of course, it can't be separated from the needs of everyday readers.

It's not just about playing games or playing social media. But Smartphones have now become like tools that make it easier for their owners to do many things. Like e-Money or m-Banking which makes it easy for people to pay for something without having to leave the house or other things. Of course, all readers have and are still using one of the payments via Android, right.

As is the case with the following most advanced Android applications that can help you with many things. For example, looking for song titles, transferring data from cell phone to computer, and saving internet quota. Want to know what are the most advanced applications that we will recommend to all readers, see the following.

The Most Powerful Android Apps You Must Try

Telegram Messenger

Android Application Advanced That You Should Try
Maybe some of your Android smartphone users are already familiar with this application. The main function of telegram messenger is for instant messaging, which has very interesting features and has twig 4.4 on the google play store.

This app from Telegram FZ LLC & Telegram Messenger Inc is famous for its very strong privacy features. The developer always puts the privacy of its users first. And because of that, this application has been blocked in several countries.

Telegram Messenger is a messaging application that we can use or install on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux platforms as well as Web platforms. How to register and use it is very easy, here I do not write how to use it. If you are interested in this application, you can see some of the points that I give below:

SHAREit Aplikasi app

Android Application Advanced That You Should Try
SHAREit: File Transfer and Sharing is an application that most people use to back up their old Android phone data to their new Android phone. For example, you are going to buy a new smartphone, while all the data on the old smartphone is still very much needed. Then this is the right solution to move all that very important data.

With this SHAREit application, we can send and receive all types of files, ranging from Photos, Videos, Contacts, applications, and other files. This application is also claimed to be the fastest file transfer application where the transfer speed is 200x faster than Bluetooth (speed reaches more than 20Mb or s).

SHAREit software is not only able to move between android to android only. Since the developer of this app is also releasing versions of SHAREit for other devices such as windows, see the list that we provide below.

SHAREit for Windows

SHAREit for mac OS

SHAREit for Android

SHAREit for iOS

SHAREit for Winphone

Please click one of the links above to get this application, choose according to the device you are using.

SoundHound – Search & Music Player

Android Application Advanced That You Should Try
The second recommended application that we recommend is "ShoundHound" which is this application made by SoundHound Inc.

SoundHound is a song or music title search application that can find or recognize the song we are playing. So, when you hear a good or good song but don't know the title. Then the solution can use this SoundHound to find out the title of the song. For how to use it, please refer to our article below.

How to SoundHound:

How to use the Search & Music Player application is very easy, there are 2 ways that we can do, namely:

When we are in a cafe or restaurant playing a song or music. And you think it's a nice song to hear but don't know what it's called.

Then we can immediately press the orange button and the application will automatically hear or recognize the song that is currently playing.

The second way that we can do with this software is by singing the lyrics of the song, which we want to find out the title of.

What do readers think, sophisticated? For those of us who like to listen to songs but don't have the installation files for the app yet. Download directly from the Play Store on Android devices. Or you can click the direct link that we provide below.

Download SoundHound

Gravity Screen – On or Off

Android Application Advanced That You Should Try
Next is the Gravity Screen – On or Off made by Plextor. So, the function of this third application is, after we install it on an Android cellphone, it can automatically make the cellphone screen turn off. It happens when we put it in our pocket or on the table. Then the screen will turn back on when you lift it back from the table or take it from your pocket without the need to touch any buttons on your cellphone or Android smartphone.

The main features of this Gravity Screen are as follows:

  • Pocket Sensor that can turn off the cellphone screen if it is in a shirt pocket or pants pocket.
  • This table sensor can detect a cellphone that has just been stored on the table and automatically turns off the screen.
  • Turn On Screen With Motion.
  • Smart Lock support.
  • If there are readers who want to try installing this application on a cellphone? You can directly click on the link we provide below.

Download Gravity Screen App

AirDroid File Transfer

Android Application Advanced That You Should Try
Airdroid transfers files to a laptop, this is the application we recommend next. For anyone who has a large collection of photos and videos on an Android cellphone and is confused about how to back it up.

The solution can be to use AirDroid to help us move or transfer photo and video files to a laptop or computer.

How to backup using this app is certainly very easy and practical, because we no longer need a data cable to connect your Android phone to a laptop or computer where you can back up files.

Besides being able to transfer files, this AirDroid application has other excellent features, namely, we can mirroring (displaying the cellphone screen on a laptop screen or computer monitor. Some other excellent features are as follows:

  • Control Android HP devices remotely
  • Remote Camera
  • Contact Management and SMS
  • Notification Mirroring
  • Make phone calls directly from your PC or laptop
  • Find Phone
  • Backup and Sync
  • Manage files on

If we want to transfer files from a cellphone to a laptop without being complicated, we can directly install this application. Before that, first, download the installation file via the following link.

Download AirDroid app

Google Find Your Phone

Android Application Advanced That You Should Try
Do you as a smartphone user already know this most advanced application from Google. It seems that many do not know that Google is also developing an application called Find Your Phone.

This application has an important role for Android Smartphone users. Where every Android phone must have a Google account that is logged in to access the Playstore.

Google Find Your Phone is a service to help us find lost Android smartphones. The jam can also lock so that people who find it can't mess with what we have in it.

With this application, we can easily find the location of your lost Android phone or friend. The trick is to install it first then log in using the same Google or Gmail account like the Gmail account on the lost cellphone.

Immediately download the Google Find My Phone application so that you can help friends or family who are confused to find a lost Android smartphone.

Google Find Your Phone

Universal TV Remote Control

Android Application Advanced That You Should Try

No need to be confused anymore when the TV remote in our house is broken, because there is a Universal TV Remote Control application that can replace the damaged tv remote.

There are special requirements for Android phones that can use this application. That is, the device must have an InfraRed (IR) feature. So this advanced application cannot be used by all types of Android phones.

In addition, the Universal TV Remote Control application can be used for Smart TVs. If we are already using a Smart TV at home and connected to Wifi, our Android phones are already connected to the same Wifi. Then we can use this remote application. Just try to download and install this application.

Universal TV Remote Control

IP Webcam

Android Application Advanced That You Should Try

The last android application that we recommend is IP Webcam, where your Android smartphone can be an online CCTV that we can monitor from anywhere.

This IP Webcam is one of the best CCTV applications that many people use to make CCTV cameras from Android phones.

How to use it is quite easy, we must have 1 Android phone, 1 Android tablet or PC, or a laptop. 1 device we activate the IP Webcam application and save it in the position we want to monitor and the tablet or laptop is a device for us to control or view CCTV from the results of the IP Webcam earlier.

Just download the IP Webcam application on Google Playstore or at the following link:

Download IP Webcam

Android Application Advanced That You Should Try, Until here the article that we share is about the most advanced and best android applications that people rarely know about. These different functions ranging from security, entertainment to work can be completed easily with the help of the advanced applications that we described earlier.

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