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How to Change Telegram Theme

How to Change Telegram Theme

How to Change Telegram Theme

How to Change Telegram Theme, especially for lovers of the telegram messenger application, you will certainly be bored with the appearance of this application if it has never been changed. To change it can be done quickly and easily. More will be explained in the article that we share this time.

For those of you who are instant messaging software users who use the Telegram application on a smartphone or computer device every day. Some of you may not know that we can change or change the appearance of the application theme that we use.

So for those of you who are tired of the same default Telegram theme look, that's all. actually easily can use another and more attractive appearance.

There are three ways to change the theme of telegram messenger which we will share this time. Please try, by following some of the steps that we provide below:

Change Telegram Theme via Telegram Channel.

  1. Open the Android smartphone.
  2. Run the Telegram application on the smartphone.
  3. Next to the chat list page, select the search menu icon in the top right corner.
  4. Enter the keyword “android themes channel” in the search field.
  5. If it appears, select the Android Themes Channel that already has a checkmark.
  6. Then on the Android Themes channel, you choose one of your favorite themes or the one you like.
  7. To find it even easier, you can go to the Files menu, by clicking on the Android Themes channel.
  8. Next, select the file that uses the file extension .attheme
  9. After that if you want to change the default Theme of Telegram, and apply the custom Theme, you can select Apply.
  10. Automatically, later your Telegram Theme will change.

Next, suppose we want to return the telegram that we have changed the theme to the original or carrier theme. If you really want to return it please follow the method below.

How to Restore Telegram Theme to Default (Default)

  1. Open Telegram.
  2. Select the menu in the upper left corner.
  3. Next select Settings.
  4. Then in the Settings section, select Chat Settings.
  5. After that, you just have to choose the dark mode, or night mode, and other modes.

How to Change Telegram Themes Like WA / WhatsApp

  1. Here's how to change the telegram theme like WA:
  2. Open the Android smartphone.
  3. Run the Telegram Application on the smartphone.
  4. Then find and select the Android Themes Channel again.
  5. Then you select the three-dot menu in the upper right corner, then select Search.
  6. Type the keyword "WhatsApp" then select the search button.
  7. Next, select and download the WhatsTm.attheme file.
  8. After that, if you want to change the appearance of the Telegram theme like WhatsApp, you just have to select the Apply button.

How to Change Telegram Theme, I hope you succeed in applying the best theme on the Telegram that you are using. If there is another way to change the theme of this messenger application, please provide an example in the comments column. Later we will add this article in the way you provide. THANK YOU.

How to Change Telegram Theme

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