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Telegram 7.7.2 APK for Android Download Free

Telegram 7.7.2 APK for Android Download Free
Telegram 7.7.2 APK for Android Download Free. In the version released this time, the Telegram developer added a feature that is quite interesting. This new feature is called Auto-Delete Messages. For those of you who want to use this new feature, then update your Telegram application.

Main Feature:

  1. FAST
  5. 100% FREE & OPEN
  8. FUN

In this latest version 7.5 update, Telegram brings several features such as:

  1. Auto delete Chat.
    This automatic feature can easily delete the Chat you sent or chat with other telegram messenger users.

    Actually, for those of you who have decided on this application, of course, you already know that the previous version of Telegram already comes with this feature. But to auto-delete, a message only applies to secret Chat or secret chats.

    But in this version, we can turn on automatic timers in all Telegram chats, no exception. Once active, it will automatically delete Chat for all users, be it 24 hours or seven days after the sending period.

    This new feature you can enjoy, only after you turn it on. Very different from the previous feature (secret chats), where the calculation of deletion time is done after you read the message that was sent.

    This auto-delete only applies to Chat sent after the message timer is set. Apart from that, the Chat will also be deleted after the user sends them.

  2. New invite link.
    With this cool feature, we can quickly bring one or even one million telegram users to the group or channel that you create. You as an admin can also set the duration and number of users. With this new group link, it's simple, isn't it?

    For those of you who want to view and manage an invite link, please open the Group / Channel Profile, select Edit then select or click Invite Links.

  3. Faster access with widgets on the homepage.
    This Widget feature is useful for getting to an important chat quickly. Telegram messenger also provides two widget modes that we can use, namely.

    • See the display of the latest post Chat
    • Widget Shortcuts. This one only shows the profile photo, and also shows the name.

  4. Create a group of unlimited members.
    From the first group feature on Telegram, it has been limited to 200,000 members. But now the best news is that Telegram does not limit the members you will invite.

Telegram 7.7.2 APK for Android Download Free, Well, that's the feature that Telegram presents this time, for us telegram users will be satisfied with this new update.  Below we also provide a download link apk for you.

Telegram 7.7.2 APK for Android Download Free

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