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Telegram Version 2.6.1 Download For Windows

Telegram Version 2.6.1 Download For Windows
Telegram Version 2.6.1 Download For Windows. One of the social media applications that are commonly used is Telegram Messenger. Whether to communicate with friends, friends, or clients. Why did I choose the Telegram Messenger application to discuss in this post, because Telegram has the ability even though the SmartPhone is dead, Telegram can still be used on Telegram Web or Telegram Desktop.

In this post, I will compare some of the advantages and disadvantages of Telegram Web or Telegram Desktop. Here are some advantages or disadvantages of Telegram Web or Telegram Desktop. For those of you who want to download Telegram version 2.6.1 for Windows, please click the link below.

Telegram Version 2.6.1 Download For Windows

Advantages :

  1. Display more user-friendly.
  2. Chat design between other people is neater because the chat position is on the left (other) & right (me).
  3. Save files, images, etc online.



  1. Personally, when chatting using Telegram Web, it takes a long time for example in displaying chat history - old chats chat.
  2. The resources used can affect the performance of the browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.).
  3. Save the file twice. For example, when there is an image you want to save, you have to click it first and then download it.


Advantages :

  1. Faster connectivity as it saves files on the device directly.
  2. Chatting feels faster than when using Telegram Web.
  3. Save the file once because it automatically downloads to our device.

Deficiency :

  1. The display is not so good compared to Telegram Web. Because the appearance of chat with other people is parallel to the chat itself, so it is difficult to see it.
  2. Save files directly into the device so that it can reduce the hard disk capacity of our devices.
  3. When you want to type a specific message/chat reply, you have to right-click first. Maybe this is me who is used to direct clicks when using Telegram Web.

Here are some of my personal reviews for comparison when using Telegram Web or Telegram Desktop. Periodically I still use both to communicate with others but currently prefer to use Telegram Desktop over Telegram Web.

2 comments for "Telegram Version 2.6.1 Download For Windows"

Devi said…
For telegram X, is it now available for Windows computer devices. Please share if any.
Admin said…
For now, Telegram X is not available for Windows. But if you want to use it please read our article.Telegram X Download For PC Windows & How To Install It